Saturday, 18 July 2015

Upcycled Cassette Tape Box Storage

I'm trying to provide myself with a more efficient and tidy space to do crafts. The difficult thing about organizing craft supplies is the large number of small items which are difficult to store. I've seen a couple of posts on Pinterest where old cassette tape boxes are used for storage. None of this storage has looked particularly appealing. I thought that this storage solution could be both neat and pretty.

I found some old blank cassette tapes and boxes at home. They needed a good clean but were soon ready for storage. The only slightly annoying thing about this storage is the plastic spokes attached to the box can get in the way.

Items needed:
Washi Tape
Letter Stickers
Cassette Tape Boxes

I wanted to be able know what exactly was in each box. The paper covers inside the tape boxes were perfect for this.

For each cover I cut a piece of washi tape slightly longer than necessary. I neatly stuck the washi tape along the spine and trimmed off the edges. I wanted mine to look uniform so I used the same washi tape for all of them, but you could have some fun this. I quite like the idea of different styles in the same colour or organize your boxes in rainbow hued awesomeness.

For the writing, I chose to stick letter stickers along each spine describing my items. You need to check that your letter stickers are the correct length before you do this so that they fit neatly along the spine. I chose to use letter stickers because I really wanted the writing to be bold and easily legible. If, unlike me, you can write attractively you could very easily write on the spine. Alternatively, use this tutorial to put words on your washi tape.

Then slip the cover back into the box, add your items and you are done. You can also always change the label description or washi tape that you used at a later date.
All that remains to do is make something with the cassette tapes.

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