This page is about my experiments with crafting. I'm Dani and I think that crafts should be attractive and functional. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. That's the first reason why I started this blog, so many crafting blogs are based in other countries. I wanted to provide things like recommendations on where to buy things that work for South Africans.

Pursuing new crafting projects has always been a passion of mine. Recently, I started using the internet for inspiration and ideas. I started using Pinterest ... and I was hooked,  on pinning things but also on starting new projects. I realized that I could improve my crafting skills relatively easily.
For many years, I've been making cards and working on creating (what I can only describe) as fashion moodbooks for myself. Something else crafty I have done is decoupage. So I was pleased to discover that there is a whole world of modge podge crafts out there.

I hope that this blog is useful to you as so many other blogs have been to me.

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