Monday, 20 April 2015

Decoupage with Block Pictures

I first got the idea of decoupaging using block pictures from this beautiful vintage wrapping paper:

I loved this as soon as I saw it in the store. I knew that it would be perfect for a wooden box that I wanted to cover. I didn't want to just cover my box completely using the whole sheet, I find that this often leads to air bubbles forming in decoupage projects. So I decided to individually cut out the images and then Modge Podge them onto the box (I apply Modge Podge with a sponge so it spreads evenly). I neatly aligned the edges of the pictures and could also paste images over mistakes. I was quite pleased with the end result.

The idea of decoupaging using block pictures in a particular theme was one I liked. I wanted to decoupage an old box I had to store my hair accessories. I found some lovely paper with opera themed images for this project.
I realized that I could combine images from several different sources. I found some great calligraphy script wrapping paper which I combined with various images of pens and writing. 
I completed all of these projects using wrapping paper before I discovered the really fantastic free printables that can be found on the internet. The great thing about these is that you can adapt the scale to your decoupage project. Some of my favourite printables can be found here.


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